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Rep. Kasha Kelley Named Vice-Chair of House Appropriations
Topeka – House Speaker Mike O’Neal (R-Hutchinson) named Representative Kasha Kelley (R-Arkansas City) vice-chair of the House Appropriations Committee which is responsible for creating the house budget. Representative Kelley is beginning her fourth term in the House and has previously served as a member of the Appropriations Committee as well as the vice-chair of the General Government Budget Committee.

“Given her background in business, Representative Kelley understands the importance of a responsible budget,” said Speaker O’Neal. “Her experience will be invaluable to the committee as they face the challenge of drafting a fiscally responsible budget during these difficult economic times.”

The House Appropriations Committee is composed of twenty-three members and allocates funds to all state agencies and departments.

“I am appreciative of the confidence placed in me both by my constituents and Speaker O’Neal,” said Representative Kelley. “Our state’s fiscal health has been a longtime personal concern and the overarching object of my legislative focus. To encourage a pro-growth, soundly-solvent Kansas to emerge during such a difficult economic time is a task that is tedious at best, but I remain optimistic that it is not impossible.” The House Appropriations

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