Biography of Rep. Kasha Kelley

Educational Background: graduate of Arkansas City High School / graduate of University of Kansas (Bachelor of Science - Broadcast Journalism)

Professional Background:

  • Book editor
  • Radio/television: on-camera/on-air reporter, cameraman, and produced pieces
  • Publicity Manager for CO publishing co.: publicized numerous writers, gaining local/national bookings in all mediums of press
  • Director of non-profit organization in VA: organized advocacy campaigns, working with natíl advertisers, & bringing together U.S. Congressional members, the Hollywood establishment, & the grassroots to form a broad, non-partisan coalition to protect our children from indecent broadcast content.

    Other Accomplishments: Kasha has won the highest awards in piano competitions, Kansas Association of Broadcasters story competition, Miss America pageant system (where she received scholarship monies for college and was able to compete in Miss Kansas), is a published writer (magazine), was a lead in steering major corporations (Lever Brothers, Pfizer, etc.) to re-direct their advertising budgets to family-friendly television fare.

    Currently: Kasha serves as the CEO of First Intermark Corp. in Ark. City, and is a four-term member of the Kansas House of Representatives where she serves on the Appropriations Committee and is vice chair of the General Government Budget Committee.

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