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Below is a list of press releases and news articles related to Kasha Kelley's service in the Kansas Legislature.

Rep. Kasha Kelley Named Vice-Chair of House Appropriations -- Topeka – House Speaker Mike O’Neal (R-Hutchinson) named Representative Kasha Kelley (R-Arkansas City) vice-chair of the House Appropriations Committee which is responsible for creating the house budget. Representative Kelley is beginning her fourth term in the House and has previously served as a member of the Appropriations Committee as well as the vice-chair of the General Government Budget Committee.

Rep. Kasha Kelley Endorsed by Kansas Chamber PAC -- The Kansas Chamber PAC has announced today they have endorsed Kasha Kelley for the Kansas House of Representatives in the 79th District.

Taxpayer Advocate Grover Norquist and State Lawmakers to Call for Greater Transparency in Government Spending -- December 5, 2008. Americans for Tax Reform.

SPEAKER: REP. KELLEY APPOINTED TO TRANSPARENCY BOARD -- July 1, 2008. Release by Speaker's Office.
Speaker Applauds Rep. Kelley's Efforts To Help Make State Governments More Transparent -- August 16, 2007. Release by Speaker's Office.

Speaker Appoints Two to Transparency Board -- June 29, 2007. Speaker's Office.

Let the Sunshine In! -- Americans for Tax Reform. March 9, 2007.

Sen. Julia Lynn, Rep. Kasha Kelley Criticize HPV Vaccine Bill -- February 22, 2007. Joint release by Senator Lynn and Rep. Kelley.

House budget plan will be better for schools, Trimmer and Kelley say -- Winfield Daily Courier. February 5, 2009

Kasha Kelley Comments on New Jersey Efforts on Transparency -- MoreMonmouthMusings, a Republican Blog in New Jersey. December 8, 2008.
Kasha Kelley Comments on New Jersey Efforts on Transparency -- State Legislative Website for Tom Kean, Senate Republican Leader in New Jersey. December 5, 2008.
Kelley wins Third Term to Statehouse -- ArkCity.net. November 5, 2008.
Kelley shares stories of Kansas' transparency success -- Winfield Daily Courier. September 2, 2008.
Kelley, Trimmer urge seniors to make their voices heard. -- Winfield Daily Courier. September 2, 2008.
Having salaries public is intended to make government more open -- Kansas City News. August 20, 2008.
Kansans "KanView" Where Their Tax Dollars Go -- Friends of ATR Blog. March 1, 2008.
Transparency site up and running -- ArkCity.net. March 1, 2008.
Stalking bill glides past House -- ArkCity.net. February 29, 2008.
In the hunt for tougher stalking laws -- KC Star Prime Buzz. January 24, 2008.

Kelley promotes access -- ArkCity.net. August 24, 2007.
States See the Need for Spending Transparency -- Heartland Institute. July, 2007.
Stalking bill on agenda -- ArkCity.net. July 9, 2007.
Jodi's neighbor crusdaing for tougher stalking laws -- ArkCity.net. July 9, 2007.
Rivers, not life, returning to normal -- ArkCity.net. July 3, 2007.
Neufeld appoints two spending critics to board -- ArkCity.net. July 1, 2007.
Similar roads lead to common goals -- Arkansas City Traveler. June 30, 2007.
Kelley honored by anti-tax group -- ArkCity.net. May 24, 2007.
Pressure could make budgeting more open -- The Kansan.com. May 21, 2007.
State efforts to incrase government transparency -- Americans for Tax Reform. May 2007.
Transparency Act sheds light on state spending -- Lawrence Journal World. May 20, 2007.
Legislators still debating gambling -- ArkCity.net. May 12, 2007.
Let's study the ills of gambling -- Winfield Courier editorial. May 11, 2007.
Taxpayer transpency in Kansas -- Track your tax dollars at a Mouse Click. -- Americans for Tax Reform. April 25, 2007.
Trimmer: Both sides played games -- ArkCity.net. April 11, 2007.
Kelley rips gambling maneuvers -- Gambling News Source. April 7, 2007.
Gaming bill gets out of house -- 49 News. March 26, 2007.
Gambling bill passes House, on to Senate -- ArkCity.net. March 26, 2007.
Benefits reversal fails in House -- Topeka Capital Journal. March 7, 2007.
Republicans vow to hold down state spending -- WIBW. Undated.
Kasha Kelley's transparency bill ok'd by House. February 26, 2007.
Local reps supported English bill -- Feb. 22, 2007.

Up in arms -- ArkCity.net. December 9, 2006
Local legislators have mixed reactions. July 28, 2006.
Rewarded for efforts -- ArkCity.net. July 16, 2006.
States schools at financial crossroads -- ArkCity.net. July 5, 2006.

Rep. Kasha Kelley Discusses Transparency -- AOL video
Kasha Kelley Discusses Transparency in Government -- Americans for Tax Reform
Three questions with Rep. Kasha Kelley -- Lawrence Journal World. May 19, 2007.

For more on Kasha's efforts on transparency, listen to Grover Norquist's "Leave Us Alone" radio show on Rightalk

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